Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I was in what is called an Apostolic Prophetic Church also known as Apostolic Reform. I did some research on the teachings surrounding this kind of thinking. I have since discovered it began with a Calvinist named Rousas John Rushdoony. It's called Christian Reconstructionism.

I'm a first hand witness that many of the members of my then church worked in the Federal Government. From FEMA to the Department of Defense to NASA. The primary goal is to 'reconstruct' the worlds governments so that they mimic Biblical Law based on Genesis 1:28. I also worked to further this goal until I began to question the ones who called themselves my 'spiritual authority'. Afterwards I was kicked out of church. 

How does dominionism affect us today? Christians in the political arena don't admit to being dominionists. We've already had two so far to vie for the Presidency: Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. 
And even though they wouldn't admit to being part of plan to reconstruct our society, its become apparent especially with regards to their attendance to prayer rallies.