Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sin is BS.

Sin is ordinary. With or without demons, sin would exist.

This is according to many churches.

People are convinced that they can't be good or moral without a deity. And, that in order for you to function to your greatest potential you must submit to a male authority.

If you resist you will be likely seen as a rebel, as arrogant, as being susceptible to demonic possession, or as functioning as a part of a satanic team. You are not an individual to a Christian Leader, nor are you capable of making your own decisions. All of your decision will be of a satanic influence. You won't even be treated as a human being. (If I remember correctly, the Jewish had a name for anyone they considered sub-human > A gentile)

You have religion attempting to convince you that you are nothing, and forcing you to accept you are nothing because of the fact that you will die. And in dying a Christian would condemn you to hell based on their Biblical principles. So in your second death, the real question is, would you cease to exist? What is a second death, and how does it compare to non-existence as opposed to an eternal destruction? Isn't an eternal destruction a paradox?

The main question of many folks is, if God is real and God is love, then why did a God who's omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent allow a being such as Satan to exist? The answer of the Christian authority is simple: Because God is love.

How does a god of love, then take this being, cast it on Earth and allow beings that are susceptible to Satan to exist only to have very few of them actually go to heaven? Why go through all this trouble? Why allow so many people to be damned eternally, which in itself is yet another paradox? And which in reality only makes a person wonder why so many are going to be tortured for eternity? Why does this male deity make it so hard and so difficult? Why does this male deity show more actions that speak of a hate, than of love?

I just cannot believe that a god exists. Where is the female counterpart? Why is the female subservient and if she stands up for herself she is out of order? There is even a passage in the Bible that treats women as 'bounty' after a war if they are virgins. (Numbers 31:17)  There is nothing for women in monotheism except bondage, pain, torture, subservience and more cover ups from the ones who call themselves spiritual authorities. As a woman I'm sure that many would say the fact that I say there is nothing for me means I'm proud. No, I'm being realistic, so quit attempting to attack my character and look at yourselves. If you really are perfect, do what Jesus said and give everything to the poor and then come back when you have nothing left and talk to me.

I know that while I was in church, I gave up everything I had. I gave up everything that I was. I moved, I pushed, I struggled so hard...I wasn't perfect, I wasn't even looking at anyone and I was kicked out. This is something that has broken my heart to pieces. I will never enter a church, and I will never trust in a spiritual authority again. And there is nothing anyone can say or do to convince me otherwise. The only thing you can do however, is treat me like a human being. I won't tolerate anyone pushing their religion in my face. Or using their religion to dominate me by saying 'God said so'.