Saturday, July 13, 2013

Woman Equals Jezebel

Women equals Jezebel

I was prompted to write this article because of Julie Anne Smith. She was inexplicably shunned by the Beaverton Grace Bible Church in Oregon.
I went to check my e-mail and came across the article about Ms. Smith because on Mother's Day I was told by my Pastor to find somewhere else to congregate. 
Fact: A woman who refuses to subject herself to any abuse, questions what is being preached in her church and leads a less than a perfect life is equal to a Jezebel.
I've read Jonas Clark books. I'm very opinionated, I don't take any BS and when it came to studying God's Word, I believed I knew when I was hearing baloney and when I'm hearing the truth. I stayed in the same church Apostolic and Prophetic for nearly ten years of my life. I refused to see the areas where I felt like I was being spiritually abused. I still fight the thinking that I'm in the wrong. It's been so ingrained not to listen to the 'lies of the devil' but always to be 'faithful to God in being faithful and honoring your leaders'. But then how do you even know the difference if your mind is so caught up in your religion? 
I think some of Jonas Clark's teachings are being used by churches as a guide to a witch hunt. I also believe that if a church refuses to have a fresh view of things, it becomes stale. And what happens when things become stale? If its water it stinks! And if its bread it hardens. Would you not agree that some churches because they don't have enough of a fresh view or even any accountability tend to become fascist and totalitarian?
I moved out to another state. I believed this is what God wanted me to do and where God wanted me to be. I was able to get a job, but I lost my car. And during the hottest time of the year, they were no where to be found. When I did get a car, I went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. When I would ask to serve and help out more they told me 'The Holy Spirit didn't reveal it to them yet'. They allowed me to bring food though, But, there was always a problem with my attitude because I am rather opinionated. They also said I was stubborn. And because I reacted to an abusive message by a Pastor who had been invited to preach, they said I 'must' congregate elsewhere. Do you think this is a good enough reason to kick someone out of a church?
I'm done. I don't want to go back to any church. I tried for 10 years of my life. I was being led by this preaching: That if you have to leave this church, then the problem is you, not the church. I listened to all the messages, and yes I do take them personal. If not, then why would I continue attending? Unfortunately voicing that has led them to believe that this is a matter of what I don't like and like. How is this possible? I've stuck to them, and even through my turbulent times, I kept trying. I cried long and hard but I wasn't going to leave.
Woman = Jezebel. They even give her a wide variety of traits similar to that of a psychopath. In the Old Testament women do not have much authority. Those that do are few and far between, and viewed by the church as having been 'submissive'. A church who's opposition comes from a woman is weaker than when it comes from a man. The woman is seen a psychotic, already coming with problems and passed off as having a 'desire' to seduce men and a powerful manipulator. Lust is an automatic label. It's important to note that in many sermons, the submissive factor is often stressed even when it means you have to tolerate abuse. If you are not submissive, you are 'going against the established order given by God.

Women are not protected and if you read the Bible you will see verses where women are not only treated as bounty (Numbers 31:17) but they are also the culprits of Original Sin (Genesis 3:6-7). In the New Testament women are not allowed to speak in Church (1 Corinthians 14:34). You think of Gossip? Women! Lust? Woman's fault! Immodest and Immoral behavior? Women's fault! Who is the most powerful opposer? JEZEBEL! Who will be the culprit to bring the Apocalypse and Armageddon? JEZEBEL! Hello? Women are just all around bad aren't they?