Monday, June 25, 2012

I just want to tell my family that I love you, and that I'm an Atheist. It has not been easy for me to come to this decision. I know most of you are very religious. I have been unhappy, depressed and without moral support since I was kicked out of church. I will not return. Do not preach to me. Do not tell me you will pray for me. I don't want to know. I will not be intimidated nor be afraid of hell or punishment. I will stand firm against anyone who abuses, intimidates and encourages others to either to shun, publicly reject or condemn another human being to hell or say they have an 'evil' spirit. I have reached my level of tolerance with those who call themselves 'children of God' and I will not be afraid to talk about it. I will fight back!

Only those who have been through it will understand. The rest will cover their eyes & ears and not give me the benefit of the doubt. I know the church I was in will consider me their opposition. If you are no longer in an Apostolic Prophetic Church you are expected to either come back on your knees or die. It is a subtle threat they give you through their sermons. And if you leave the church, you are always the problem. They kicked me out though so I'm not sure how this rule would apply unless I were to become extremely paranoid about everything. I am not, but I know how they think and how their teachings create a controlled atmosphere where critical thinking (or asking questions) is not accepted.

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